Considering all of the members leaving, I’ve done a lot of thinking.

I want to leave Psychal to join BoZ. I’m sorry guys, I know by making this decision, I’m letting a lot of people down, including my favorite member, Emily8 (I hope you’ll come join BoZ with me 😛 😛 ).

If, after making a legit application, I get denied I will attempt to re-apply at most two more times.

If by my third application, I am denied, I will return to Psychal as a regular member. Bye, for now.


Tournament Brackets Complete

The tournament has started. These are the brackets of the tournament. Remember, if you win the tournament, then you are a new Clan Leader!

Psychal Tournament 1

Make sure you get your matches in! If you don’t get your match results by Friday, April 24th, then your match will be randomly simulated.


Hey-hey! Infamous here!

Anyway, we should really evolve our games. Instead of Plazma Burst 2, why not Unturned? Or we could transfer to Xbox and Playstation? The possibilities are endless! My whole point is, we should really play different games. PB2 is fun and all (was in 2012 and 2011) but games are out there! We can’t be stuck playing a game that is hardly updated, ruined by community, and is from 2011! Even if PB2 was all you played, maybe it’s time for us to move on. We can still play PB2, but we need to EVOLVE.

Comment ‘Yes’ if you want this or ‘No’ if you think this is a horrible decision, and should be wrecked immediately.